Pipobike Photo Art

This is a little work map, what yo can do with the fantastic Affinity Photo from Serif. If possible, the genesis of photo improvement is shown and explained each step.

  • To reduce load time in browser, too large picture sizes are reduced to 1440 pixels height.
  • You will always find the cam used top of slide show.
  • I suggest to watch full size and full screen.

Summit Ride in Engadin / Bikebergsteigen im Engadin

Apple iPhone 5. Hand held.

Once Upon a Day on Tremalzo

Canon Ixus 850 IS. Hand held. Maximum format of this cam: 2048x1536.

  1. The plain snap shot hast a green tint and has some slight haze. So let's remove this with some subtle corrections.
  2. Defringe chromatic aberration in outer edges caused by the compact cam lenses. You see best what happens if you flip flop the plain and second picture and watch edges from rocks to sky at the top right corner.
  3. With the "Color Balance Adjustment" remove the green tint carefully and with "Levels" tool bump up the contrast a tiny little bit by removing the flat section of the black level and move Gamma from 1 to 0.9.
  4. Finally I added a slight radial gradient from orange in the center to blue in the edges. This applies a warm hart and super contrast on the rocks. Bingo!

Photoburst from Complex Footage

Footage is panned FullHD with complex background in landing zone.


Photo Burst Sequence